Index to “Preserving the Restoration” Part 1

Paraphrasing and direct quoting of Denver Snuffer’s book included below. Used by permission.


Chapter 1 (Be of Good Cheer Be of Good Courage)

p. 2 – Joseph Smith “…a great while after you have passed through the veil” includes here and now.

p. 3 – Greatest obstacle to salvation is our ignorance. The veil is fearful…needs knowledge.

p. 8 – Four corners of the earth.

p. 12 – The blinding scales are darkness, and an incorrect weight and measure.

pp. 14-15 – Godliness means to be godly, or close to God.

p. 16 – Power of godliness is to know God.

p. 29 – Answer from God take time.

pp. 30-31 – Robes of the priesthood.

pp. 39-41 – Heavenly ordinances.


Chapter 2 (Faith)

pp. 43-46 – Office of “high priest” mistake.

p. 62 – God’s words never cease even if the angels are silent towards the wicked.

p. 63 – Glorious discovery = the person of God

  • Eternal certainty = your own salvation

p. 64 – Idea that He exists – from another

  • Correct idea of His attributes – from your own study
  • Actual knowledge that the course you are pursuing is according to God’s will – from God alone

p. 64 – Light always increases or decreases.

pp. 66-68, ft. 177 – Personage of Holy Ghost refers to our spirit’s potential; No personage of Holy Ghost seen, revealed, or shown in scripture.

pp. 69-71 – The Father and the Son & their personages.

pp. 71-72 – What is dwelling in us?

pp. 75-76 – Sacrifice to God enables us to detect deception.

p. 76 – Satan as an angel of light, detected by the content of the message.


Chapter 3 (Repentance)

pp. 89-90 – Oracles of God.

pp. 91-93 – D&C 93:1, forsaking sin (preferring God).

pp. 93-95 – Zebedee Coltrin seeing two Personages of Godhead.

pp. 98, 105 – Repentance requires gathering light & knowledge.

pp. 99-100 – Appetites to be fulfilled with prudence and skill.

p. 101 – Incense symbol of tree of life.

p. 102 – Joseph Smith – “Climb up a ladder…”.

p. 103 – Temple trivia.


Chapter 4 (Covenants)

p. 127 – Signs following Denver’s talks are signs of the high priesthood.

pp. 128-129 – Covenants are accepted and not made.

p. 133 – If all ministers first conversed with the Lord, we would have more truth, less error.

p. 133 – Use past scripture to prophesy to a sleeping generation without waking them.

pp. 137-141 – Adoption sealing rights.

p. 141 – Anecdotal evidence.

p. 142 – Restoration of the New Testament church vs. Restoration of the beginning.

p. 143 – Aries and the crucifixion; Pisces and the new age; God’s testimony in the stars.

p. 144 – Pharaoh; Temple in Zion.

p. 145 – No one will go away from the quest for Christ disappointed.

p. 148 – Graven images include false leaders.

pp. 150-151 – Holy Ghost’s power vs. Satanism.

p. 152 – Hiding counsel of the tithes.


Chapter 5 (Priesthood)

pp. 173-174 – Real definition of priesthood is a fellowship.

p. 174 – The great whore welcomes everyone; The Lamb of God requires actual ascent up Jacob’s ladder.

p. 175 – Meetings called by common consent.

p. 175 – Power in the priesthood, priesthood holders are revelators.

p. 176 – Angels, archangels, principalities, powers, dominions, thrones, cherubim, seraphim.

p. 179 – See God in the flesh to start association.

p. 180 – Aaronic, Melchizedek, Patriarchal.

p. 181 – Aaronic priesthood for pouring out judgments & destruction.

p. 182 – Hell = disappointment.

p. 183 – Melchizedek priesthood for blessing and giving life (but can warn – see footnote).

p. 184-185 – High priesthood holders can fall.

p. 187 – Aaronic – valid ordinances.

p. 189 – Holy priesthood – answers & direction; Authorities from powers of heaven, politeness to “authorities” on earth.

pp. 190-192 – John wrested the keys from the Jews as a thief in the night.

pp. 193-195 – Patriarchal priesthood means being called a son of God.

p. 195 – First Elijah visit rejected; Joseph said Elijah would come again in the future.

p. 196 – Catholics – “independent revelation” quote from Joseph Smith.

p. 196 – Keys of the kingdom = certain signs & words by which false spirits and personages may be detected from true.

p. 196 – Keys, rights, dispensations, powers, honors, majesty, glory, to declare confirmation of hope.

pp. 197-198 – Power to give the Holy Ghost

pp. 200-207 – Four kinds of sealing power:

  • p. 200 – Dispensation head to establish a covenant (God to man);
  • p. 200 – Embedded in authoritative ordinances (man to man);
  • p. 202 – Power to control the elements (given only to the meek);
  • p. 205 – Limited basis by the Holy Ghost (by prophesy).

p. 206 – Fellowship for women.

p. 207 – “Keys of the kingdom” are temple rites.


Chapter 6 (King Benjamin’s Faith)

p. 211 – Astonishing teaching – accept life’s afflictions as coming from a loving parent.

p. 212 – Charity to others is the hallmark of retaining a remission of our sins.

p. 213 – Welcome all true prophets.

pp. 216-217 – Christ, King Benjamin, Joseph Smith circumstances comparison on teaching to lay down contentions.

pp. 218-219 – Joseph Smith vs. King Benjamin; society ideals comparison.

pp. 221-222 – Temple ordinances are for the stiffnecked. Fools.

p. 225 – Heartsold®

p. 226 – “Chosen people” chosen to be examples of foolishness so we could be wise.

pp. 228-229 – Pride in ordinances vs. inward change.

p. 230 – Unchanging gospel – inward first, outer enough time later.

pp. 230-231 – Do not judge beggar, just give.

p. 232 – Focus on how to get it right, not the myriad ways man gets it wrong.


Chapter 7 (Zion)

pp. 241-242 – Joseph Smith “minds darkened” quote vs. Joseph F. Smith “never lead astray.”

pp. 245-248 – Strong men & keys – Brigham vs. Parley.

p. 249 – Zion is level – intolerable to see a need and not sacrifice to fulfill it. Man of sorrows serving & kneeling.

p. 252 – Mainstream Christians who are terrestrial will survive.

p. 253 – The Lord will not return until invited by members of His family.

p. 254 – Excess & extortion.

Tithing points (pp. 255 – 269):

  • p. 255 – Incrementally & not in theory only.
  • p. 256 – Instead of consecrating, we tithe.
  • pp. 257-258 – Investment income issue w/ the churches.
  • p. 259 – Collect tithes in local groups, list of needs.
  • pp. 259-260 – Do it by common consent.
  • pp. 260-62 – Paying taxes.
  • p. 261 – Poor not to be idle.
  • p. 261 – Pragmatic experience to become one, opposition will be encountered.
  • p. 262 – “What lack I yet?” barometer.
  • p. 262 – Zion where qualified will meet, not meet to be qualified.
  • p. 263 – Can not “hasten the work.”
  • p. 264 – Excess of funds.
  • pp. 264-265 – Ephraim to repent, receive crowning ordinance.
  • pp. 265-266 – Some Gentiles included, the Power of Heaven is Christ.
  • p. 266 – “This Gospel” to be preached in Zion – first step of the Lord’s return. Not shared in 3 Nephi.
  • p. 267 – Impossible to establish Zion without this tithing experiment. Not all in one step.
  • p. 267 – Lord will return to an existing kingdom set up on earth. The window is now open.
  • pp. 267-269 – Covenants review (have to attempt tithing).

pp. 269-273 – Ezekiel and the shepherds.

pp. 273-274 – Adam and Peter, James, and John saw Zion.

p. 274 – Servant and servants needed, no leaders.

pp. 274-275 – Titles “prophet” and “beloved” are sacred. Prophet after he’s laid all on the line.

pp. 275-276 – Abraham re-linked to the fathers and established five more. Too late to add more fathers, but we can re-link.

p. 276 – Zion to be in the mountains, not Missouri.

p. 277 – The ensign in Zion is the zodiac and walking in his paths is walking in heaven.

p. 279-281 – Campbellite Restorationism eclipses Lamanite mission.

p. 285 – Book of Mormon is a record of our Western Tribes of Indians.

p. 287 – Committee letter warning of fall of Zion & relocation approved by Joseph & conference.

p. 288-289 – Revelation mentioned about Joseph being commanded to flee to the Rocky Mountains.

p. 290 – Right now there is no fixed spot for Zion, but there is a fixed condition.

p. 291 – Joseph Smith – all of North and South America is Zion quote.

p. 291 – Rigdon reported to have said: Zion from Ohio to Pacific Ocean.

p. 292 – Conditions for Zion

  • Different locations have been approved;
  • Must be in the mountains;
  • Must be among the original natives of the Americas;
  • Must be under the guidance of someone who hails from both the tribe of Ephraim and is a descendant of Jesse.
  • It will be set up before the world’s kingdoms are destroyed.

pp. 292 – 293 – Joseph said rebellion & false coloring & tattling destroyed hopes of Zion.

p. 293 – Gathering unworthy and unprepared people brings only pestilence;

  • Penitent and meek people needed for gathering;
  • The Lord will protect such;
  • Scriptures are the standard for steady voice of truth;
  • Zion could come after us, unless we rise up.


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