Index to “Preserving the Restoration” Part 3

Paraphrasing and direct quoting of Denver Snuffer’s book included below. Used by permission.


Chapter 12 (Preserving the Restoration), and other outline from “How to Form a Fellowship”

pp. 477-480 – The era of LDS Mormonism recounted, along with their failure.

pp. 480-481 – Joseph Smith’s Last Vision (Kirtland farm parable).

pp. 481-483 – A house of order’s orderly take down; John the Baptist parallel.

pp. 483-486 – Christ’s parables foretold the Gentile failure in the last days;

  • Parable of the king’s marriage feast for his son;
  • Parable of the Pharisee vs. the publican praying.

pp. 488-491 – Downfall of the LDS Church recounted again:

  • Mormon Reformation, Blood Atonement;
  • Temple ordinance changes;
  • Loss of equality of quorums;
  • Rejection of repentance as central.
  • p. 491 fn. – Heber C. Kimball & Brigham Young warnings of priesthood loss.

pp. 491-495 – Denver’s journal of the Lord’s confirmation of LDS loss of priesthood; the required sign and witness.


Basis p. 127, fn. 307. p. 299. p. 329. p. 333. p. 348.

General Outline p. 502.

The Lord renews commandment to be baptized correctly according to doctrine of Christ pp. 502-503. p. 506. pp. 515-518. p. 521.

Receiving the Holy Ghost and The Laying on of Hands for the Gift of the Holy Ghost pp. 506-508. p. 517.

Recording Baptisms p. 521.

Using the Priesthood pp. 173-175. pp. 503-504. pp. 508-509.

How Not to Use the Priesthood pp. 486-488. pp. 516-517.

Fellowship Meetings pp. 505-506. p. 513.

Sustaining to the Priesthood and Recording pp. 509-511.

Removing Authority to Act Within a Community or Fellowship pp. 511-512.

Divorce p. 512.

First Time Ordinations and Lines of Authority pp. 496-497. p. 508. pp. 512-513. pp. 518-519.

Conferences for Business p. 513. p. 515.

Denomination Requirements and Proselyting pp. 518-519.

Sacrament p. 521.

Preaching vs. Learning p. 523.

Oversight p. 524. p.525. p. 526.

What Will No Longer Work p.526.

Work for the Dead and a Temple p. 144. pp. 526-527.

Prophecy p. 501.

Receiving New Revelation pp.528-529

Using written copies of the scriptures p. 529.

Individual Prayer pp. 381-383.

Praying in the Fellowships pp. 529-530.

Giving to the Poor pp. 230-233

Tithing See “How To Administer Tithing Within a Fellowship (From Denver Snuffer, Jr., ‘Preserving the Restoration’)“. p. 256. p.267

Consecration p. 233.

Other Items p. 230. p. 519.

Righteousness p. 253. p. 366.

Gathering pp. 262-264.

Obtaining a Covenant pp. 530-533.

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