Lectures of Repentance – 2nd Edition

I was always a little unsettled about paragraph 20 in the last lecture of the Lectures of Repentance, because I didn’t understand it (it goes beyond my experience, connecting with heaven that way). The puzzle pieces fit, and that was what I was given, but clarity was missing on my part with experience lacking. When Denver posted some recent things to Christians, it brought up the verse in Ephesians about “one baptism.” That put laser focus on what I was unsettled about mentioning two baptisms in paragraph 20, I knew it harmonized, but I wasn’t able to put it into words with my own brain. I prayed about it and before laying down to sleep, I got a flash of insight and wrote out two questions and answers for a catechism to Lecture 14, showing how the concept is similar to being “one” with the Father, and Son, yet we’re all separate beings.

Something still seemed missing, and in the morning another thought came and I wrote out 3 more questions and answers that fleshed out the concept more fully with the baptism being the same, but our approach and understanding of it may change at different milestones in our life, fitting more with the Savior’s seeming intentions for mentioning baptism twice with different results in His doctrine. The second edition with this added catechism is being reviewed and will be available on Amazon with today’s publishing date. It’s a good time to reduce the price to just the cost, as sending out the pdf has meant not many sales on Amazon. If you want a hard copy, it will be around $5. All past profits have already been donated to the fellowships to help the needy, and this change means there will be no more profits to monitor, which is one less thing for me to worry about.

All prior posts mentioning the Lectures have had the links updated to the most current edition.

Lectures of Repentance PDF

Lectures of Repentance MOBI

Books can still be purchased at https://www.amazon.com/Lectures-Repentance-Brian-F-Zang/dp/1537298984/ with the price set as low as Amazon will let me (basically at cost) with whatever small proceeds going to the fellowships and charity, if there are any.

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