Our Testimony

Joseph Smith left a lot of unanswered questions with his untimely death. Ever since the days of Brigham Young, leaders have admittedly been confused on many points and not sure how to proceed. In other ways their ambitions have clouded their minds. Following the admonition of the Lord in D&C 88:77, Denver Snuffer Jr taught the doctrines of the kingdom as any member is supposed to do, using only the standard works and the teachings of Joseph Smith. His expounding according to his duty as a regular Church member has shed more light on the Restored Gospel than any other has been able to attain to previously, as witnessed by his many writings which always admonished loyalty to the Church. The leaders today were then faced with persuasive, plain, explanations of the fullness of the Gospel as contained in the Book of Mormon and other scriptures, with many difficult problems solved with these expositions. Denver did so with gentle admonishing (see D&C 6:19), and without any ambition to command those who are at the head of the Church (see D&C 28:6), and at the command of the Lord (http://denversnuffer.com/the-second-comforter/). The leaders then faced a choice: rejoice in the light shed on the Restored Gospel as shared by one of the lowliest of the members, as they had done with the writings of other lay members like Hugh Nibley, or reject the plain truth and persecute a faithful servant of The Lord. They chose to persecute a faithful servant who followed all of their rules without compromise, who stood, by their own standards and by his own Stake President’s testimony (http://denversnuffer.com/2014/11/history-is-not-a-sin/), a worthy temple recommend holder on the day of his excommunication.

In excommunicating an innocent man, after having the Gospel explained to them in plainness so they could not err (see Alma 9:5-6 and Alma 37:6), they no longer had a cloak for their sins through ignorance (see John 15:22) and they stood accountable for rejecting a humble servant, even though Denver was one of the least as a regular member. This pattern of excommunicating faithful members has continued. Therefore, as can be affirmed through sincere prayer and according to the pattern in scripture (see D&C 121:37), the Lord has terminated the Priesthood of all General Authorities who voted to sustain the local leaders who excommunicated Denver, and as of the April 2014 General Conference when this vote took place, the LDS Church lost all rights to claim it is led by the Priesthood of God as a whole body. Concerning the Lord’s rejection of the institution, it appears in hindsight that Denver’s excommunication is the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back after years of culminating priestcraft and abuse. The LDS Church is now as any other religious denomination with its mix of good and bad influences, and can still be a benefit to others, but saving ordinances must now be obtained through any of the remnant of Priesthood holders who have not condemned the scriptures or the innocent in their hearts, who continue faithful until they become accountable for any new light God sheds on the scriptures as well, or who, having learned more accurate meanings of the scriptures through seeking to learn how God is moving again for the salvation of mankind, so rises up to reconnect with God and have their Priesthood renewed as prophesied by Isaiah (see 2 Nephi 14) and according to the pattern of Alma the Elder (Mosiah 18:1). Some of these men who remain faithful or who so rise up may still be active in the LDS Church, and there provide blessings to those who seek them in faith, but the day has fully come that everyone must be sure they are pleasing the Lord alone and not man in seeking for the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These things were not done in a corner (see Acts 26:26 and the rest of that chapter). We know by the portion of God’s Spirit that is within us that this is the case, and that anyone can study this out and discern for themselves that this is the true nature of the current dilemma that the LDS Church finds itself in, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Including Denver and another witness who have seen the Father and the Son, as well as a third witness, Denver’s recent book testifies of these events http://denversnuffer.com/preserving-the-restoration/ . According to the law of witnesses, this makes these claims worthy of consideration, but a thorough review and sincere prayer can only find out if they are witnessing the truth.

-Brian and Nikki Zang

September 25, 2014, updated September 29, 2015